Markets and Applications

... Whenever homogeneous temperature distribution is necessary

  • heating of tools for FRP manufacturing
    • female molds for "Out of Autoclave" production
    • tools for preforms
    • heated silicone hoods
    • heating of joint regions in bonding devices
    • heating mats for thermal imaging (thermography) and for repairing composite parts
    • temperature control of hoses and supply leads
  • de-icing / tempering in aerospace applications
    • de-icing of wings and rotor blades
    • de-icing of pipelines for fluids
    • heating of venturi nozzles / carburators / atomizers
    • tempering of electronic parts and components
    • heating of a laminary glove for A320 / A340
  • seat heaters for
    • chairlifts
    • cars and trucks
  • process engineering / chemical industry
    • direct heating of distillation plants and rectification columns (instead of water)
    • heating of incubators
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