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CoTexx ISO 9001-2015 Certificate

CoTexx® and Copper Textile

CoTexx GmbH was founded in 2003. Our company name CoTexx® is derived from "Copper Textile" and therefore establishes the connection to the first product. MOOSfree® is a copper knitted fabric that uses the biocidal effect of copper ions to free roofs of lichens and mosses. Another product for roofers´ is INOFLEXX®, a flexible ridge and hip vent roll made of knitted stainless steel fabric. It is characterized by robustness, durability, unflammability and a large ventilation cross section for optimal ventilation of roofs.


Due to the need for cost-effective manufacturing, we set up a wire knitting mill for technical textiles. Based on our abilities we are development partner and supplier for other industries such as the construction industry, process engineering as well as for the automotive and aerospace industry.


With CoTexx® Knitted Heating Fabric we introduced an electric panel heater with great application potential. Currently the main application is in the field of fiber composites.

CoTexx ISO 9001-2015 certified 

CoTexx GmbH is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Numerous patents are the result of our ingenuity and inventiveness. Thanks to our competent team, we will continue to be a guarantor for technically demanding products and innovations.


We are partner of Bayern Innovativ - Cluster New Materials.


For further information about CoTexx® visit www.cotexx.com.

CoTexx ISO 9001-2015 zertifiziert
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